Prayer Lists

Prayer is not the last option. It is a powerful first act.

Prayer Requests

Our prayer team will be honored to take your needs to God in prayer. In doing so, we take your privacy seriously. God hears what is prayed in secret and rewards, Matthew 6:6. 

Prayer List


We had a good rain!

  • We need a national REVIVAL!
  • Deer Creek Camp
  • Cripple Creek Camp
  • Lone Hollow Camp
  • Our Nation and Its Leaders
  • Medina Community Businesses
  • Medina School District
  • Medina Community – Creation Celebration
  • Our Servicemen and Servicewomen
  • Firefighters and First Responders
  • Prodigal Children and Grandchildren
  • Marriages and Families
  • The Addict and Alcoholic.
  • Those in Prison and Jail.
  • The Jail Ministries
  • Kairos Prison Ministries
  • Kairos Outside Ministries
  • Mercy Gate
  • True Path Ministries
  • Those in Nursing Facilities / Shut in
  • The Grieving 
  • Rosemary
  • Shanna Choate, Colleen Nicholas’ niece, 
  • David and Annette Mechler’s daughter, Jenny
  • Logan Sides
  • Marsha, Martin Dike’s twin sister, thyroid cancer
  • Ron Keele
  • Tammy Kneuper
  • JT Lawrence, Martin and Rosalyn Dike’s nephew
  • Laura Sawders
  • Bob Bolin
  • Margie Kessler
  • Larry Braaksma
  •  Gloria Culpepper
  • Judy and Greg Schmitt
  • Debbie Hopkins’ sister, Maria
  • Nathan, severe scoliosis pain
  • Almeta and James Simmons 
  • Lynda and Fourth Coates
  • Clyde and Sherry Whitmire
  • Carly, a baby, needs heart and lung transplant
  • Clara Ann  McWilliams
  • Don Peters
  • Carol Bell
  • John Boyle’s cousin, Mary Francis Hevenor
  • Cathy Moffett
  • Sallie Shankle, Michelle DeVerter’s mother
  • Berk Nasis
  • Diana Baxter
  • Karen Crawford’s son, Gary
  • Sherilyn’s father, Ken
  • Kay Williams – heart attack
  • Mark Crawford, Darlene Stevens’ cousin, pneumonia in ICU
  • Vicki Crawford – strength
  • Judy Lago
  • Fonda Bolin’s great-grandson, Callahan, 2 years old, has Aicardi-Gouteres Syndrome
  • Linda Williams’ daughter, Jeanette
  • Sharon Christner needs healing from the effects of a stroke
  • Richard Dabney
  • Kristen Dabney
  • Bobby Zirkel 
  • Steve Switzer’s sister, Kay
  • Lacy’s Dad
  • Barbara Berlin
  • Karen Crawford
  • Reagan – congenital heart issue
  • Bob Fillpot

Pray for the grieving during this upcoming Holiday Season.

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