Prayer List

Prayer is not the last option. It is a powerful first act.

Prayer Requests

Our prayer team will be honored to take your needs to God in prayer. In doing so, we take your privacy seriously. God hears what is prayed in secret and rewards, Matthew 6:6. 

  • Our Nation and Its Leaders
  • Medina Community and School District
  • Our Servicemen and Servicewomen
  • Firefighters and First Responders
  • Prodigal Children and Grandchildren
  • Marriages and Families
  • The Addict and Alcoholic. 
  • Those in Prison and Jail. 
  • The Jail Ministries, Kairos Prison Ministries, and Kairos Outside Ministries
  • True Path Ministries
  • Those in Nursing Facilities / Shut in
  • The Grieving – Dick and Joanne Brewer; Gordon Lee, Shirley Lawson
  • Those fighting cancer: Rosemary; Jason Poorman; Karen Queen (Lung Cancer); Luke (Liver Cancer); Connie and Mark (married couple) both fighting cancer; Earlene Lawrence (Mary Jean Johnson’s son’s mother-in-law); Larry Braaksma; Kelsey Lewis (Grand-Niece of Janna Klein) battling bone cancer; Shanna Choate, Colleen Nicholas’ niece, Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis, starting second round of chemo, and her surgery is scheduled for March; David and Annette Mechler’s daughter, Jenny;  Jeanie Minton, throat cancer and a tumor in her lung; Chuck and Theresa Croker.
  • Those who need healing: Beth and Dustin Thorne prayers for a healthy baby; Bob Bolin’s brother, Paul; Marty Gray; Mag Barker is not feeling well; Almeta and James Simmons; Mary Jean Johnson; Judy and Greg Schmidt; Georgia Butler; D-Linn, Paul and Shelba Gonzalez’s daughter; Tootie’s son and daughter-in-law, Linden and Donna; Lewis Crawford; Angie’s brother, Tony, and sister, Paula Jean; Bob Bolin; Peter, a 16-month-old, has a tumor on his brain stem; Art Crawford; Debbie Hopkins’ sister, maria; D. J. Dabney; Shirley Lawson; Berk Nasis; Barbara Berlin; Aaron Kock, healing for liver; Nathan, who has sever scoliosis pain.
  • Karen and Lewis Crawford’s grandchildren
  • Safety for Jeff Baker in his job in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Cindy Murray’s parents
  • Linda and Fourth Coates
  • Greg Harbour – recovery from heart surgery
  • Carly, a 3-month-old baby needs heart and lung transplant
  • Colleen Nicholas’ mother, who is in pain after surgery for broken hip
  • Allan Sleeper needs healing
  • Reesa’s sister-in-law, Brenda, had hip surgery and is now in rehab

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