Prayer Requests

Please let us pray for you.


 Rain! Rain! Rain!  Thank you, Lord, for what we have     received, but we need more.

  • Our Nation and Its Leaders
  • Medina Community and School District
  • Our Servicemen and Servicewomen
  • Firefighters and First Responders
  • Prodigal Children and Grandchildren
  • Marriages and Families
  • The Addict and Alcoholic. 
  • Those in Prison and Jail. 
  • The Jail Ministries, Kairos Prison Ministries, and Kairos Outside Ministries
  • True Path Ministries
  • Those in Nursing Facilities / Shut in
  • The Grieving – Dick and Joanne Brewer; Gordon Lee, Shirley Lawson


  • Those fighting cancer: Rosemary; Jason Poorman; Karen Queen (Lung Cancer); Luke (Liver Cancer); Connie and Mark (married couple) both fighting cancer; Earlene Lawrence (Mary Jean Johnson’s son’s mother-in-law); Larry Braaksma; Kelsey Lewis (Grand-Niece of Janna Klein) battling bone cancer; Shanna Choate, Colleen Nicholas’ niece, Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis, starting second round of chemo, and her surgery is scheduled for March; David and Annette Mechler’s daughter, Jenny;  Jeanie Minton, throat cancer and a tumor in her lung; Chuck and Theresa Croker.
  • Those who need healing: Beth and Dustin Thorne prayers for a healthy baby; Bob Bolin’s brother, Paul; Marty Gray; Mag Barker is not feeling well; Almeta and James Simmons; Mary Jean Johnson; Judy and Greg Schmidt; Georgia Butler; D-Linn, Paul and Shelba Gonzalez’s daughter; Tootie’s son and daughter-in-law, Linden and Donna; Lewis Crawford; Angie’s brother, Tony, and sister, Paula Jean; Bob Bolin; Peter, a 16-month-old, has a tumor on his brain stem; Art Crawford; Debbie Hopkins’ sister, maria; D. J. Dabney; Shirley Lawson; Berk Nasis; Barbara Berlin; Aaron Kock, healing for liver; Nathan, who has sever scoliosis pain.
  • Karen and Lewis Crawford’s grandchildren
  • Safety for Jeff Baker in his job in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Cindy Murray’s parents
  • Linda and Fourth Coates
  • Greg Harbour – recovery from heart surgery
  • Carly, a 3-month-old baby needs heart and lung transplant
  • Colleen Nicholas’ mother, who is in pain after surgery for broken hip
  • Allan Sleeper needs healing
  • Reesa’s sister-in-law, Brenda, had hip surgery and is now in rehab